Writing the intro to East Penn Soccer’s 100th History


I was asked to work on the written history that, in addition to being written because it needs to be done, will appear in the 100th Anniversary book for the Easter Pennsylvania Soccer Association. I am excited about the opportunity and even more so because it that will result in something unique.

EPSA is celebrating their 100th though the timeline may be slightly muddied. Those tackling the main hulk of the work will have to do some digging in records and in the minds of old “soccer heads,” as they call them.

I am writing the introduction and for that, the research task is not as burdensome. I have already titled it and that title is “COMMONWEALTH.” To what does that allude? Well I guess you all will have to attend the Anniversary, get the book and open it up to find out!

Werner Fricker Jr. or dad as I like to call him asked me to work on this project because he knows I can write it. He knows I care to write it. I have to thank him for inspiring the topic and asking me to take this on. Thank You.