Windows | A Screenplay by Michael Fricker

Open on Dell walking down block in North Philadelphia. Maybe there is a Temple T flag somewhere in the background. He is wearing the clothing of a student (sweatshirt, jeans etc. hat possibly) He has headphones plugged into his ears. He is walking on the street but his mind is elsewhere. It is clear he is “plugged in” and not part of the street. The other people are of no consequence to him. He is in his own world. He is looking through a different window. Music is playing over the ambient sound. It is mysterious, somber.

He stops when the music in his earpiece stops a moment. (The music stops. His world stops and he stops.) A text message has been received.

Close shot of phone.

TEXT READS: “Open the Window”

He shakes his head assuming its spam. He keeps walking then his world stops again. Another text is received.

Close shot of phone.

TEXT READS: “Look through it.”

He stares and texts back thinking that it is a friend of his messing with him. He laughs and continues.

When he reaches his apartment building, he looks up to see his neighbor sitting in his open window. The neighbor sees him approach the building and waves. The man is seated almost hanging out of the window in a relaxed state. The wind blows through his hair and he smiles down holding the book he is reading.

The main character looks up and speaks without thinking; there is a surprise to his voice.

Open the window?

Dell cocks his head almost at himself for what he said. He said it without a conscious effort. It just came out. The neighbor looks down smiling. He nods.]

Just reading and enjoying the view. Try it sometime.

Dell laughs and starts walks up the stoop inside. He thinks his neighbor is crazy for hanging out the window and reading on paper.

Shot of the city from that open window

Cut to the interior of Dell’s apartment. He sits at the desk. The large window is behind him. He is partially blocked by his computer. It is dark and the shades are drawn. It feels cold and sterile. The TV is on though muted. We see a montage of scrolling through facebook, twitter, Instagram, email, buzzfeed, YouTube, Pinterest

A shot of hands typing. Then we see the phone receive a text again.

TEXT READS: “Close those windows. Open the window. Look through it.

Another text comes in.

TEXT READS: “Open the window. Look through it. There’s a whole real world out there.”

Dell sits back. Now he is shocked. He looks around. Another text comes in.

TEXT READS: “Behind you. Open the window.”

Dell turns around. He rubs his eyes and takes a deep breath. He stands up, pulls open the curtains, and pulls up the shades and opens the window. The sun shines in and the noise of the outside fills the room. He grabs a book off the desk before closing the laptop. Then he climbs into the window and sits down to read.

We see the window of the neighbor.

Welcome. You opened the window.

Yeah I did. There is a whole world out here.

Who knew?

The neighbor winks and then we see them both sitting in the windows reading.

Windows | A Film by Eamon Dreisbach & Michael Fricker

This screenplay and film was written and produced for MSP 1021-001 Media & Society. The Screenplay was written by Michael Fricker and the film was produced as a team by Dreisbach and Fricker as a Media Critique based on the themes discussed in the course.  


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