A voice for giving thanks

Cynicism can kill any idea or good sentiment. We are all in some way guilty of it. I know all too often that I can be skeptical as well. On a day like today, it can do more harm than we all realize.

Always a few find it necessary to comment on Thanksgiving reminding us of the horrors committed against the Native American population. In no way do I deny that truth or seek to trivialize that plight. In more ways than one, it is a tragedy. Still when that point arises in relationship to Thanksgiving, I feel it undermines what a holiday like Thanksgiving can mean.

More and more I feel that Thanksgiving is not about that stylized picture we have seen a thousand times of the pilgrims sharing a meal with the “Indians.” The Thanksgiving I know does not in any way honor or remember that event that may or may not have happened the way we were taught in our early days of school.

The Thanksgiving I know is not even centered on the meal. Whatever the course, from the pre-meal cocktail through the coffee and pie, Thanksgiving is supposed to be about something deeper. It is simple and even in the name, giving thanks.

The beauty of Thanksgiving is that the thanks we give can be for a variety of things and to a variety of people, places and feelings. Whether your thanks go to a higher being or to the people around you the sentiment is what truly counts.

I for one thank both my Lord God, my friends and family, my country, club, school and so many others on Thanksgiving. As far as what I thank those people and groups for, there is a special one in particular for this piece.

I am thankful that through words, I have a voice to tell you this story.

Thank you for reading.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Diane Meck says:

    Well said. More people need to see the positive side of life. Thankful that you are wisely using the voice you were given. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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