Soccer team snapshots & the ubiquitous man in the trench coat

How often one stares at old-time soccer team photos will dictate whether one knows about the man in the trench coat. This is meant to be an observation “Hey didja ever notice…” as much as it is informative. I have drawn mostly from clubs locally as I happen to have easy access to their images. All the same, look at the gallery to get an understanding for the tall, stoic, and ubiquitous men wearing the trench coats of Harry Fleming.

Friends and readers the point here is not to make light of these clubs and these men about their fashion. The point is to make note of a different time. One where the staff wore suits, ties and jackets. They looked respectable and business like sweatpants were nowhere to be seen. The ubiquitous man in the trench coat is a symbol of that time. Therefore I salute him.



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