My family was in Trenton

I was on the way home from the Trenton Donauschwaben this weekend and I had to stop to capture this feeling I had. So I took out my phone and opened a new note and I began typing away. This must have been quite a feeling as I normally need paper and pen to do my thing.

I grew up with a lot of family. My club is, and always has been my family. It is where those shoulders to cry on are and those people to hug, share a drink and a meal with go.

I never had a best friend. I had a brother, a sister, and I had cousins that I spent all my time with. I had a mom and a dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents that took care of me, listened to me and helped me. Eventually I got a new member of my family in Allyssa. And with her she added new friends to my group and more family into my fold.

As I grow up I share more into a group and a subculture I belong in. All of the people I mentioned before take part in that group. They make it what it is. I’ve met people all over the United States that have clubs, and families like mine. We celebrate and we celebrate often. (Some might say too much, but we like it that way.) We celebrate together, and sometimes there is one night that happens when the food is just right, the music just right, and the people are just right!

That night, I celebrated with the Trenton Donauschwaben their 60th Anniversary and I have to say it was just right! As the night went on I began to realize something so special I had to write about it. I had to as my friend Adam Martini put it “Express something.”

Tonight my mom and dad, my brother and sister, Allyssa and my other family was there. My club, the German Hungarians were there. Riding home from the party I realized something:

Together with the Trenton Donauschwaben, that night, my family was there!



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