Werner’s Spice Rack: Salt, Pepper, Paprika!

We were out back on the patio one day in my youth and my extended family was over. My pop had pork chops on the grill, and I would put money on there being some cold one’s going around as well.

One of the fam, while eating the grilled chop, commented on the flavor and downright tastiness of the cut of the meat and inquired further as to how he’d seasoned it.

“Well, like I do most things, it’s simple, salt, pepper, paprika.” WF said.

What more do you need? If anyone has tasted or used the combination you cannot argue with the results. It’s that perfect Schwope combination that lends itself to any use.
Be it chicken, pork, beef, seafood, the uses are endless and we haven’t found one yet that needed more than that! Like things to have a little more of kick? No need to worry, they sell a “hot” paprika!

Think about this, it’s the base of goulash, and paprikash, and those things are the most wonderful of one pot meals any German-Hungarian, or Donau Schwope could ask for.
Salt, pepper, paprika is so ubiquitous I can’t believe we haven’t started selling it as one gourmet seasoning with a fancy label. Oh, maybe it could have the famous “Wappen” shield plastered on it! (Ok, ok, remind me to write a letter to Szeged with this great idea.)

I might jest a little here for a chirpier piece, but in all honesty, we love paprika and we love this classic combo. They may be the staples of Werner’s spice rack, and I urge you to give it a try! It will not disappoint!



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